no clue if this was done with blender ?????

hi there !

does anyone know if this image ( this human tree figure ) was done with blender (sorry resolution is pretty bad )? cause i cant imagine that you could get that 3d look with ps or il . but on the other hand the leaves dont look 3d .
any advice would be very much appreciated.

the tree man might have been made with blender, but the rest looks like it was composited from photographs in a program such as photoshop or g.i.m.p.

You never know. There are people who can Photoshop almost anything. Why are you asking about Blender specifically? I mean, sure, it could’ve been done in Blender, but also in any other 3D app. With, as Modron mentioned, a lot of compositing.

Hmm it could be based on this picture of Kenue Reeves :slight_smile:

Looks safe to admit it was made with both 3D and image edits.

The artist, Sonny Kay, does mostly photoshop collages using found material.

it could be done in many ways, you could PS it manually, in fact if look closer at the picture it’s much less 3D than it seems in the beginning

but as Stan said it could also be done in any 3D app

in Blender it would be probably the best to use the hair particles on a base human model, using plants as particle objects

i’m experimenting with this kind of stuff at the moment and it’s a hell of a lot of fun :slight_smile: