no clue which 2D software they use ...

and it seems it is not Photoshop but check this movie:

very interesting:

I wonder what would happen if you took her image as a texture on an dense mesh and used proportional edit to move UV points for the eyes, scale in the neck, etc. A high enuf res pic would not show any stretching, esp. at lower resolutions.

either a mesh plugin for photoshop or specialist tool for modelling industry

                 BTW---He was probably using the "Rubberman" pshop plugin to adjust the eyebrows             

quoted from a youtube answer

if you look at the interface you see it is on windows or mac OS.

So i dont think it is photoshop at all.

there have always been photo tools which were way better for distortion
than photoshop

I don’t remember where it was now - but when I first saw this video a while back there was a discussion about the application UI.

The answer (supposedly from the video creator, but since I don’t remember where I saw it, I can’t cite it) was that the UI is a mockup to look like a standard graphics application UI to illustrate that changes were being made in computer (as opposed to the other makeup changes) … but that the actual workflow from the artist was a “trade secret” that the artist didn’t want to share.

Sort of like on TV they make fake interfaces that look close enough to the real thing to be recognizable, but without being exact to avoid trademark issues. So it could have originally been Photoshop, or Quantel Paintbox, or yadda yadda.

it’s most likely photoshop or something similar.

still, that was very weird.

I doubt it’s photoshop.

Why go through the trouble of making a new UI and faking all the actions when you can just hide it all? You’d just do the same as this:


As part of the Dove Self-Esteem Fund, “Evolution” is a short film that uses a time-lapse technique to take a model’s face from a natural looking woman to a billboard-perfect model. The post-production process, which was completed at Rogue Editorial and Soho, involved bringing the photos to life and creating the software design that emulates actual retouching tools.
(bold emphasis mine)

Your average person doesn’t care really about the software. But by simulating a software look it makes people immediately recognize the concept that these steps are digital manipulations.

Eclipse (Win)
Formerly only for SGI Irix, Eclipse is a high-end manipulation tool for retouching and composing. Features include special handling of large files, multi-processor support, automasking, brush-on effects and correction, shape layers, and complex warping.

an old software still has features photoshop does not have.
they showed some tools in the clip photoshop just doesnt have.