No collide with wall - car


So the car is dynamic as well as the wall, there are parented pieces to the model file, but that shouldn’t cause the main part to go through. They both have collision on too.

How can I solve that?



What do you mean by that? Are the wheels seperate objects that you’ve parented to the car? Or is it that the car parented to something?

Yes I have a main shell of it, with parented objects to it, such as the wheels as they turn left and right, not very well, but they do. They are rigid physics.

There rest is dynamc or static, so I’ve messed about with it, as well on the walls, even rigid and then the walls start rotating. hehe!

I’m not very experienced so I’m gonna throw something out there that may not be correct. Is it possible that you may have parented the objects in the wrong order? If you’ve parented the car to the wheels instead of the wheels to the car, I believe the car would automatically become a ‘Static’ mesh instead of what you set it to, meaning it would have no collision model.

Again, I may be wrong about that…