No collision field in 2.49b

When I select “Objects\Physics”, there is no “collision” option in the far left field, just a drop down menu with choices that include “none”. I’ve watched an excellent youtube video showing how to make a tablecloth using 2.49b and the “collision” field appears when she clicks the “physics” button. The command window at boot up indicates Python 2.6.2 is installed and acknowledged. I’ve installed a couple of newer versions (2.53 and 2.60) and wonder if something was overwritten.

any help will be appreciated!

No collision field in 2.49 SOLVED! Thanks to the knowledgeable Gaia Clary (SecondLife), I learned that I had to move the top part of the bottom window up, pushing the lower edge of the 3D window up, to reveal the collision field buttons.