No collision for high resolution smoke?

Ok, so I was unsure where to put this thread as I am not sure if it’s just a bug or a missing feature or if there’s some kinda workaround for it. And even though I’ve decided I can do without it, I feel I should report it or something anyway since I can’t find any mention of this problem anywhere after a lot of searching.

Anyway, the problem:
High resolution smoke doesn’t seem to handle collisions very well, as the smoke generated from it seems to pretty much ignore the collision. This only goes for collisions with animated objects though, static ones work fine. It’s like the generated smoke isn’t pushed away like it should be, when it’s already there.

As you can probably tell, the smoke to the left has high res turned on and goes through the plate.
while the one on the right does not and collides properly.

Was trying to keep smoke contained below some cloth for a project earlier, so I had to give up on the high resolution as there just ended up being smoke everywhere. I’ve even tried to use force fields to keep the smoke in place too, but to very little avail.
So, should this be reported as a bug, is it more of a feature request thing, or am I just doing something wrong here?

I do think this could be a Bug. Anyhow, if you report it the guy (whose name i just forgot) who is working on this will tell us quickly if it is a Bug, or how a workaround could be. So i would suggest just report it as Bug, and then see. You know where?

Thanks for the reply bashi!

I’ve reported it as a bug, and the report has been processed.

The conclusion seems to be that it can be considered a bug and it has been added to the ToDoList.
There seems to be some complications to adding the animated collisions though, so I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

If anyone is curious and want to check out the exact report, I’ll leave the task ID here: T39261

Thanks for the Info.