No color when exporting to .wrl file

I am converting a .pdb file to .wrl and can’t retain color in the .wrl file.

I open the .pdb in Blender 2.62 (with ePMV plugin) and change the size and color (with masks) of some of the atoms. I then export this file as a .x3d. In Blender 2.71 I import the same .x3d file, ‘join’ the object and scale the object. Finally I export the .wrl file. However, when I reopen the .wrl file the object is white with no color.

I am quite new to Blender and would appreciate help. Thanks.

You should use another format. From what I can tell it looks like .WRL does not transfer any material information, only vertex colors. Use .OBJ instead.

Thanks for the advice. Ultimately, I would like to print these out on a color 3D printer and this is the file format that is recommended?

As Atom says, the file will be using vertex colours. Does your obejct use vertex colours or image textures ? When you open the .wrl file in blender are you displaying the vertex colour (you won’t be by default). Can you attach or post a link to an example blend file or wrl file

I am creating the colors in blender using the ‘materials’ tab. I didn’t change any settings to display vertex colors. Attached is the blend file that contains the color and when exported to a .wrl file does not. Thanks for your patience.
3I_Cl.blend (1.16 MB)