no color when start!!!

ok im new to blender but i have the basics down and want to start makeing games, only problum is that after i make an actor and “play” the game… their are no textures, it all white. if some one would help me i would appreciate it. thanks

I can echo this sentiment / problem. I accidently fixed it but don’t know how.

materials aren’t used for the color in the game engine

you need to enter face select mode at the very least

once in face select mode you can make faces light sensitive:
[red arrow, then blue arrow]

or change other face settings on that panel

also, you can select an image to apply to the faces in the image window

you will probably want to modify the uv mapping so it fits how you like, there are a very large number of tutorials on how to do that

also, you can vertex paint [in and out of face select mode] by entering vertex paint mode, specifying the color, and drawing things

also, if you merely want to copy what you see in shaded mode:
press the button the red arrow points to, you may need to enter face select mode after

the pic shows the lighting you see in shaded mode being used on a textured mesh for the game engine…

Thanks for a well illustrated answer. Didn’t have much [immediate] success with your first recommendation – and I was too lazy at the moment to start learning UV-mapping for the second.

This one, however:

also, if you merely want to copy what you see in shaded mode:

worked very well.

Thanks again,

John K.