No damping?

Is it possible for an object to have no damping.
As in, you bump it with another object, and it will spin/fly off into the distance never to be seen again.
This is in no gravity, so it isn’t hitting another object.

I turned both translation and rotation damping to zero, but it still insists on stopping after a few seconds.

Anyone know how to turn off damping altogether?

Bleh, turning on “no sleeping” did the trick.

No sleeping is an efficiency button. It turns off physics calculation if the velocities are below a limit.

After disabling the damping your game object should not fall below this limit as the velocities stay the same.
Could it be there is a collision with other objects? The materials friction has influence on the velocities as well.

No, there were no other objects in the scene.
There were some “rocks” that got hit by another “rock” and after a few seconds the rocks that were hit, even though they were moving reasonably fast, stopped.