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I’ve been trying to learn Blender for a few months now. I’ve tried about 13 other poly modelling programs so far. Hexagon is the Best!!!

But anyways I tried using the Tutorial file for the P38 from Gmax to make the P38 while making the poly model in Blender instead of Gmax. I noticed that it’s alot harder to do in Blender than Gmax or any other program.

Blender doesn’t seem to be able to specify its dimensions(# of sections) for primitives like Gmax and other programs. Even K-3D or Anim8or seems to be more effecient modellers.

Like in Gmax you can enter the size x,y,z and the number of poly’s used to make a cube before it’s made.

In Blender if you make a cube or cylinder you can only subdivide, subdivide that’s too general. I hope somebody someday works on the mesh modelling aspects of Blender instead of just the animation aspects.

The source code is available here:

and you can change it to do anything you want.