No Disk error

I keep getting this error when I ESc from the bathroom demo in any of the 248 builds. Happens with some other blends sometimes too.

Anyone else getting it or able to enlighten me? :rolleyes:

Nope, I’ve never gotten that before (had other problems which are now resolved between 2.48a and updated ati drivers). It looks like a memory address (RAM Problems) to me. 'course then it doesn’t make sense that it says “no disk”.

I guess try re-installing blender, and notice whether any other applications are seg faulting.

:rolleyes:Its not happening today… happened for the last two days:rolleyes:

Sounds like a memory issue to me…which is allll hardware. If you know anything about computers, you can try swapping around your RAM to see if the problem goes away (ie, try just one stick of ram if you have more than that, try different slots, etc.). Otherwise you can run memtest to see if there’s a problem there. If it’s not hardware though… I don’t know what it is.