No drag and drop parent for armature bones, so what's the best alternative?

First of all can i get a show of interest for who thinks drag and drop parenting should work when editing armatures as well? Consistency right? Is there a feature request for this somewhere?

So i have to go through a rig that is kinda complex and parent a lot of different bones. I sat there for about half an hour trying to figure out why i couldn’t drag and drop the bones, or why i couldn’t set a parent and copy to select or why no other, or why i couldn’t even select bones in edit mode. I don’t understand.

So while i think that needs changing i have to move on. What’s the fastest way to go through and parent things such as this?

Solved my problem, my bones were hidden.

I just selected each one, specified a parent and right click and ‘copy to selected’.

Not the stupidest mistake mind you! how should i know that I can’t edit the properties of an object that is hidden… dear god XD