No drills, please

Hello everybody!
Here’s a recently done image.
I’m thankful for anykind of feedback!
Kind regards, Pip



Brought an instant smile to my face… The only thing I might have done different is give the tooth dude some real teeth, but cudos for your creativity and the nice render as well.

LOL this is so funny! Great character. I would suggest adding some body language, maybe bend his legs or lift one of them up.

Awesome. I love this sort of thing.

hahahahahahahaha i love this!!!

The idea is awesome as well as the eyes. They remind me of the look of pixar eyes. I think you should increase the reflectivity on them though. (a little bit) Anyway, the feel and emotion is great. :slight_smile:
Keep it up!

Lol i love it! May i ask, how did you get the light rays to show so well?

Thank you everyone for your nice words! :slight_smile: Glad you all enjoy it!
I’ll probably update it once more and add in more body language.
@UKNOWHO: The light rays were added in in PS
Kind regards, Pip

Great image! I find it ironic that a tooth has teeth or, at least, teeth-like structures in its mouth. :slight_smile:

I went back and updated the Project: