No easy solution from path to IPO ???

Question: How to get an animated object following a path object into the BGE?

Possible solution: Make armature parent of object, make object constrained to Path (Curve object), IK different position of the armature in an Action, play Action in BGE…

Anything simpler (such as transform follow path constraint to IPO?)
I’ve read some stuff on this forum, but don’t really understand it… (apart from my first section interpretation)

Thanks to all!

PLEASE: tell me if this is impossible !, and if not give me hope !

How do I do this? help

I promise not to do this again (bumping my own question) for at least…

If you have an object following a path and want another object to follow it, just add logic brick Track To (object on path) and add motion actuator with some forward speed. This way the “follower” will be always behind the object on path. You can modify the speed by python scripting.

I dont know if this is what you want. If not, be more specific.

Hi jmdeschamps,

There is one simple solution like you asked. Haramanai wrote a script which let you transform path to ipo data.

You can find it here

And example of using it can be found in Blendenzo 3d platform template here

hope it helped,


Thanks guys!

This will help my project a lot! (to do animated cut scenes, since we can’t play media clips)