No export + .blend

Here is the .blend file

This is a low poly mesh. It will not export. If I try to export, it will export an obj file at is 94 bytes, and contains no mesh data, that i can find.

The high poly version of the mesh has the same problem. I have not been able to a solution. The most i could find was that the mesh might be corrupted.

Is there any way to get this mesh out of this file. Ive tried every method I can come up with trying to scrub the problem out of this mesh, exporting obj, fbx, ply. I cant get the mesh out of the blend file. I have no clue how to fix it, how it happened, or what to do. I am not even sure at what point the problem began. I think it might be related to some objects that were merged with modifiers unapplied. I’m out of places to look, I don’t know how to look deeper for problems.

Is there some setting that I don’t know about that is preventing the mesh data from being exported?

In the object tab, switch the Duplication setting from “Frames” back to the default value “None”:

Then export again.

Thanks! I have never even used duplication settings, i don’t even know what it’s for
. I’ll have to read up on this now.