No export/ import scripts...

i’ve been trying to figure this out for a while, but where are the export and import scripts? ive updated all the python and blender stuff but the scripts arent there. :eek: this is even for all the other scripts; none of them are there…

What version of blender? what OS? what does the console window say when you start blender?

does it say “Checking for installed python… got it!”

if not then it’s not finding python on your system.

You need to point to your scripts location in the preferences. This thread may help.


you used the windows installer didn’t you with all defaults. if so it put them in a hidden folder. click on start, control pannel, folder options, view (tabs at the top), then scroll down and check the box next to show hidden files and folders, then click apply and ok at the bottom.

now start, computer, drive c, users, what ever the main user name is, AppData, Raoming, Blender Foundation, Blender, .blender, scripts. .

that instal to app data option should be removed from the installer in my openion and just install it all under program files/blender.