No faces on an extruded bezier curve...

(banana_sock) #1

if i make a shape out of a bezier curve then extrude it, there are no faces on the front and back so you can see through to the background. Is there a way to get a face there or to get a similar effect with another object?

(S68) #2

Use a mesh with SubSurf on, it is very powerfull and you can add/delete faces as you like.


(banana_sock) #3

thanks for that. I’ve never seen used that before, but it actually answers a couple of other questions i had too.

(hweihe) #4

If you extrude bezier curves, activate the button FRONT and BACK. Do NOT activate “3D”. When 3D is activated, front and back are never rendered.

Didn’t know that myself! :x Just had a look into the Blender Guide…


(hweihe) #5

:-? … I forgot: If you change the Front / Back / 3D - buttons, you have to go into and out of edit mode once to apply the changes (Select the bezier and Tab Tab).