"No Fluid Objects In Scene" my arse!

“No Fluid Objects In Scene … Aborted”
This is the error message I get when I press the “bake” button with my domain object selected.

There is most clearly, obviously, without a doubt, a fluid object inside my domain object. It is an “inflow” object. It is a small sphere that rotates over a cup (my obstacle object). This sphere should be spouting water into my cup but…I got nothin’!

…wish I could post the .blend, but I guess I can only post images here.

may i ask wether there is a fluid object in your scene that is nither an inflow or an out flow object, as it was not clear in your post if the fluid object in question was just an inflow by its self. if you only have an inflow then it wont bake and you will need to also add a fluid object.
if however i have mis read your post and you do have a fluid object as well as the inflow then i am afraid im stumped. the only other idea i have is that you have either set res to high (althogh this is more likly just to crash your system) or maybe you have set the time of the animation to 0 0 by acident however again i dont think that would be that likly. :confused:
post back with a snap shot of your settings if you can

Thanks HD,
You’re right about me not having a separate fluid object! I thought the inflow object was supposed to generate fluid. In other words, I thought an “inflow object” was a sub-category of “fluid object”.

OK, so I put in a separate fluid object, and although this eliminates the error message, I’m still not seeing my mesh bake. When I press “bake” it will just animate like a normal object (I have it set to do a simple rotation around the cup). How, specifically am I supposed to position my fluid object in relation to my inflow object?
I can’t find any tutorials that really describe how to use inflow or outflow.


This should be correct.:confused:

Is anyone able to explain the way inflow and outflow objects work? For example, if an inflow object is analogous to a faucet, and a fluid object represents the water, how do I set these up to interact? Does the inflow object need to be in the shape of a tube? Does the water need to be placed above it? Under it? Overlapping with it? It’s all such a mystery to me. I’m not even going to ask about the “particle” object type yet…

Don’t you need to add downwards force or initial velocity or something? That makes the water come out :smiley:

Thank you, Anthony! Water is shooting out everywhere now, haha! It will probably fill my entire domain. I have no idea how to control this, but I’ll play with it. :smiley:

glad i could help

Hint: Outflow objects.:wink: Check out my video tutorial here.

You can control the inflow with ipo curves. Or by moving it out of your domain. And, as LOTRJ said, you can add outflows to stop your domain filling up too.

you can also scale the inflow object to control how much fluid is emited. bigger = more fluid, smaller = less.

I don’t know this, but in previous versions of blender I know that you needed a ‘fluid’ object in your scene for it to bake, this may have been changed for 2.45, are you using 2.45?