No-frills UI for 2.53? (at least for game logic window)

The new version 2.53 beta is pretty awesome, but is there (or will there be) any way to change the 2.53 UI to something more bare-bones?

I’m working on a game engine project in version 2.49b, and one thing I really like about the old 2.49b UI is that it’s very “info-dense”. This became especially important for me when using the game engine logic bricks and properties, and I’m having difficulty with the current 2.53 beta setup. I’ve linked to a comparison below, with 2.49b on top and 2.53 on bottom:

Basically, the bare-bones nature of the 2.49b UI is better suited for the large number of logic bricks and properties I need for the game engine project, while the extra “padding” in the 2.53 UI takes up more space and sometimes even clips out most of the names of my logic bricks. This happens even if I zoom in game logic window to increase the size of the logic bricks; the names get magnified as well and the clipping remains.

I want to eventually migrate my project to 2.53 due to the numerous other improvements to Blender, but I can’t really do that with the way the UI for the game logic window is right now (I’ve tried playing around with the theme settings, but it only seems to affect the colors). I’d really like the option to have sparse “no-padding” buttons and property fields; is there any way I can set up 2.53 to have 2.49b-style buttons and fields?

You can zoom out in Properties View to have a more dense UI.
You can have several Properties Editors which only focus on pinned context.
And finally, you can edit UI scripts to manage settings’ appearance.
They are in this folder : 2.53/scripts/ui