No GPU rendering with CUDA 6 update

I am using a mac(iMac with nvidia gtx 675mx), so I have been using GPU rendering for cycles with nvidia CUDA driver 5, but recently I was forced to upgrade to CUDA 6 as I was dumb enough to download a beta version of new OSX yosemite witch did not support CUDA 5. I have heard blender only has support for CUDA 5, so I don’t know how I would get GPU rendering, would i have to wait until blender has support for CUDA 6? or is there a way to just make it work, if not is it possible to downgrade CUDA drivers on OSX?
(btw I don’t have much idea what the hell I am talking about)

Any help will be amazing!

I do not know about OSX because my Mac Mini has the Intel GPU.
My Linux box however is running CUDA 6.5 and I GPU render on it just fine.

Thank you for letting me know! So I guess its not a problem with Blender not supporting CUDA 6, its just OSX yosemite.