I missing GPU Do you know from where I can find this.

I run on a iMac Intel 10.6.8 i5 12GB
Blender 2.62 Cycle

User Preferences / System, select your Compute Device

but there is only CPU at my System Compute Device

iMac uses AMD so no CUDA, only OpenCL, Sry.

Before I used GPU on my Blender 2.6.2 Cycle without any problems so I do not believe in what you say.
Therefore, I dont understand why the GPU dont work for me this time.

OpenCL is GPU.

Also, there has been iMac’s with Nvidia cards a few years back, but I think GeForce 9400m was the highest there and maybe you can get that going in OS X, but as far as I know, Cycles need a Nvidia card with compute version of 1.3 or higher to work now, that’s a Geforce GTX260 or higher…

But just check which card your computer have… :slight_smile:

OK Strange. I am sure I have seen both CPU and GPU
Anyhow. Thanks for helping.