no gravity while moving

my character moves with linV, i have damp on 0.999 and rotdamp on 0.999, mass is 1.
for some reason if it walks down a hill it floats untill it stops moving and then falls, how can i fix this?

try using servo control for your motion actuators.

here the Z force is constrained to zero to allow gravity to take over. Hope it helps.


with linV you assign a directed velocity to the object. This vector includes the zeros as well.
I think you mixed that with applying a directed force, wich would be added to the current velocity vector.

As an option you can add a velocity by enabling the “add” button next to the LinV paramters.

Or follow Lakitu’s advice.

thanks heaps, using servo control works great,
id already tried using add but it always speeds up the longer character moves
thanks to both of you