No gravity?

Hey, I want to turn gravity off on my collision bound and just run around at constant speed and have no friction problems with the ground. Or some weird things happening when you move up a hill. No force pushing me down…I don’t want to be able to jump, so I don’t need the gravity. But if the bound isn’t affected by gravity it will fly when it comes to a hill right. How can I make it so that it follows the ground without gravity pushing it down? Is there a script for this, and if there is where can I find it. Thanks!:slight_smile:

Umm also how would you move the character bound if there is no gravity but still collide with the walls? Force wouldn’t work since there is no gravity. And with simple motion he will go through the walls? This is a annoying problem, please give me a super script xD If you want to know I’m trying to mimic the way character moves in Final Fantasy.

…uhh… you could turn gravity back on.

Or, if you really need it off, you could add a distance constraint actuator, and select “Dist”, to keep the player on the ground. Same thing can be done with Python, just have a ray on the -z axis, and set the player location at the hit position (or, rather, a little higher, unless you have the object center at the very bottom of the object). Force works even without gravity. You probably want servo motion.