No HDRI in Indigo

Everytime when i render with Indigo i cant get an hdri reflection…
Can someone help me…? :frowning:

Hello!!! Someone…?

I don’t have an answer, but I can tell you that it’s not working for me either. So you’re not alone.

  1. make sure you have latest indigo and exporter.
  2. find an HDRI
  3. open HDRshop and open your HDR file
  4. save as .FLOAT (preferably put the hdr in indigo directory)
  5. in indigo exporter, set ENV TYPE to MAP, then input the full name of the HDR eg, “grace_probe.float” (without quotes)
  6. in WIDTH input the width of the original HDR image. The GRACEprobe is 1000pixels. so change it from 640, to 1000, or it will render the light incorrectly.

And there you go.

PS: these are an example of what should be mapped as LATLONG

and these should be SPHERICAL

Thanks Hafunui!! I’ll try that!

And how can I get textures in Indigo…? :frowning:

As I understand it, both the exported .xml and the textures need to be copied over to your working indigo directory.

And yes, I agree…that does suck ass :slight_smile:

I did that but it still doesn’t worl… do i need to push buttons maybe…?

UV texture the object, then add an Image texture mapped to UV coordinates i think.