No holes

This is the tutorial I followed as accurately as possible:
When in Perspective it looked fine
but when [Z] was pressed I got this:
No holes? Please help?

Just tried it, worked for me. Looks like you have the holes as a separate object in the first pic. Add the nurbs circle and then stay in editmode to add the bezier circles. Maybe you could just join the two objects you have now with ctrl-J.

Well ,I must say I got a bit confused.
What I did: The circle, then the biezer curve, the 4 times Shift-D. All in Top view. Then the tut says to adjust the parameters. How come it didn’t work for me?
Once again, I’m newbie with Blender, less than 1 month maybe that’s the reason.
Tnx for kind reply.

Like tortxof said you were not in edit mode when you added the extra circles.

If you are in edit mode (TAB key) and add a circle, you are adding vertecis to the existing object and thus able to make holes in it.

If you are out of edit mode (TAB key again) then your new circles will be added as new objects instead. The reason you don’t see them is because they are hidden inside the big circle.

Make sure you are in edit mode when you add and duplicate the verticies for the holes.

This is the tutorial I followed as accurately as possible:
I did biezer curve instead of biezer circle and got to the adjusting parameters point.
I failed at the point where all biezer circles are sypposed to be selected in editMode
Please help?

In supplement to the previous posts.
Select all your curve objects in ObjectMode (the one displayed in your screenshots) and press Ctrl+J (join selected curves; works for meshes too).

This should solve your problem.

Adjusting the parameters (Width, Ext 1, Ext2) is only relevant for tuning the shape but not for making holes.

Tnx for all u’re posts guys! Very helpful

Done! Excellent!
The thing is I’m used to boolean operations which didn’t exsist here.
Must learn farther