no icons / black squares at the place of the icons

After installing the blender binary there are only black squares at the place
of the icons which makes it more or less impossible to use blender.

Is there anybody who could help me or tell me where to find help
(another mailing list / news group, etc.) - I would be so happy to be able to use blender!!

I already tried to find help for this problem by looking at the advices in
and with another posting
but still couldn’t find any solution.

Also there seems to be no possibility to update my drivers as I am using
a laptop (at least that’s what I read at the ATI page)

Sorry for posting again - I hoped the new subject could be more useful
and would be SOOOO HAPPY to use blender!!!

Thanks for any help - dietrich

Try the advice in this thread:

Hello :slight_smile:

Finally I AM a happy user of Blender (and would be an even happier one indeed
if I could finally find the time to read the “Official Blender 2.3 Guide” in all its
fatness) and would like to thank blenderanim and z3r0 d for their help!

I also would like to communicate the way out of my (disturbing but finally trivial)
problem - hoping to be able to help somebody else with similar difficulties :slight_smile:

The solution for my “mini icon problem” was actually very simple - and unexpected:
I changed the color depth to 24 bits and - there Blender was with all its icon-beauty :slight_smile:
(All other color depths didn’t work with my environment.)

With the rest of my problems I dealt with - by ignoring them
(see )

  • and later by changing to Linux :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help, dietrich