No idea...what is going on?

(Ecks) #1

Habitually, I open blender and begin to modelled something just for fun…sometime it turn in a beautifull model and the other time it turn not very good…but some day ago I start blender I had a lot of difficulty to start modelling…I had no idea of what to do!!! I could do a mech or a bird or a plane but I dont know…I didn’T have any idea…weird…this also happen today so I want to know is it normal? or is it me that is weird? Please tell me! Thank you! :-?

(pofo) #2

Perfectly normal

Or could it be I’m abnormal too :o

  1. pofo

(SGT Squeaks) #3

I model all day at work in lightwave, and I know exactly what to model. But when I get home I start up the ol program and nothing. My mind is totally blank. Usually I try and make something for a contest somewhere because that gives me a goal. But most of the time I just end up playing a game.

(Ecks) #4

wow me too! I must have a goal if I want to make something correctly…! ok I think I am normal! tx guy!

(darkbyrd) #5

Well, I get the artist’s block often, my photography one has been going for almost a year now. But for 3d stuff, I set a goal which is dammn-near insaane (I’m gonna model and animate a hurricane, as seen from space, a la lots of stuff I’ll have to learn to make that happen

(CubeFan973) #6

I can’t think of anything to model in Blender! I usually just make “reflect-o-balls” (self-explanatory, nothing dirty, just spheres on tables reflecting everything). Quite boring after a while.

I wish I could think of a good script to write and make in Blender, but I’ve got writer’s block as well as artist’s block! AP1538 would be good, but I’m too lazy to start! (AP1538 is this anthology series I should start making in about 17576 years!)

(IMProvisar) #7

If you plan for your hurricane to follow the track of an actual storm, I’d check out Danny… I’m thinking '97. That was without a doubt the strangest hurricane I’ve experienced. Not sure where it crossed into the Gulf (through the Caribbean, over Florida, etc), but that sucker made landfall in Louisiana, but out over the delta, so it crossed back into the Gulf, then north into Mobile Bay, making another landfall at Ft. Morgan, AL, sat in mobile bay, mostly off of Fairhope, AL for 2 whole days (and being in the SE quadrant of the storm, on a river that empties East into Mobile bay, the river in front of my house was near empty. It then went back south (dunno where it hit land again, but crossed out into the gulf at Gulf Shores, AL) and as it did, emptied the other side of the bay, and flooded us. It then did a u-ey north again, and hit around Pensacola, FL. Discounting the carribean and the Florida peninsula as it crossed into the gulf, I counted 4 distinct landfalls in 3 different states, and “lingering” in a bay for nearly two days. It wasn’t much of a storm (Sustained winds in the 70’s or 80’s, gusts maybe in the 90’s), but it was a heck of an experience. To my knowledge, no deaths or major injuries, and for a hurricane, minor property damage.


(sten) #8

maybe your brain needs some rest from your ordinary work
where you create 3D content all day…

btw…I had 2 months this spring where nothing inspired me
as 3D creating…but it came slowly back :slight_smile:

btw 2nd…I envy you being paid to work with LW 8)

(pofo) #9

For awhile this summer I could sit with Blender forever. Now I’m starting to go back a bit to 2d CG and normal painting/drawing again. I tend to go back and forth between them.
And of course, sometimes I’m just uninspired and go read a book instead ;).
Since I have to study, I kind of hope I get uninspired soon :o

  1. pofo

(blengine) #10

its normal, and it only gets worse =( i usually go to and check out them galleries when i run out of ideas =D or i check the local coloring book for cut animals and turn them into psycho creatures :wink:
modifing something in real life is very fun, and the number of things to modify are limitless

(sten) #11


well, I envy yours modeling and texturing skills, you have a great
feeling for it…especially cartoony like stuff…or what I shall name it as

your stuff could easily be made in another 3D tool,
but it is done in Blender…and for that matter the quality
of your scenes are very good !