No image resizing

HI all, I’m making credits for my short film. I used a technique advised by a friend - huge image (1920*xxxxx) with all texts and so moving across the screen. However, Blender tends to resize all images to fit the screen. Any idea on how to prevent him from doing that? Scaling the image back to it’s orirginal size highly decreases the image quality… Thanks for replies in advance!

dont understand really what do you mean… Blender tends to resize the image??? Can you explain this a bit? Cause I suppose you are applying this image to a plane as a texture. Then, if the plane has the same aspect ratio as the image, there should be no problem.

If you mean resizing in the VSE, just select the strip, go to strip properties panel and select “Use Translate” in the “Input” box. That will force Blender to use the original size of your image.

Well, bad words again I suppose. When I add image into the sequence editor (Add->Image sequence), Blender resizes the image to fit the output resolution. Which means 5000 pixels scaled down to 1080px. I’ve managed to trace down the fact that enabling Use Translate in the Strip properties cancels the resizing, but then blender acvcepts only the part of the image visible on the screen. Thanks for the response anyway, I mightend up with nothing left but your solution.

I’ve solved this out by using the almighty nodes instead of VSE, but still blender’s behavior is rather interesting… If anyone has clues on why this is happening, I’d be really interested, so please post…