'no installed python found' Umm... I sure found it!

I have installed python 2.6.1 and am running Vista Home Premium 64 bit. I’m using Blender 2.49b. Blender was ‘installed’ just by me unzipping the folder, there was no windows installer for 64 bit.

Does anybody know how to get blender to recognize my python installation? I’ve run into a script that I need to use which requires python to be ‘installed’.

Bah! nevermind. I had installed a 32 bit version of python on my 64 bit computer. It threw me off because on the download page for python it says AMD64… I have an intel processor.

The 64-bit version of Blender, last I checked, is still very experimental. Though I have found it useful in some cases, it doesn’t have the same feature set as the 32-bit yet (I really would like them to FINISH the 64-bit so I can take advantage of Blender using more of my ram and such)