no internet ?

After a pre-longed time of thinking, I think I have to get disconnected from the internet…
for about more than a year.

it distracts me too much :frowning:
but sure will continue doing blender freelancing in order to make some money … :stuck_out_tongue:

will connect to my brother WIFI rarely… like one time a week

I don’t really know you but the title of this thread interrested me.

I perfectly understand what you live, for I already lived the same thing.

Hopefully you’ll be glad in your decision. :slight_smile:

I’ve had the same thought myself from time to time.

You’ll have to stop by often to let us know how it’s working out :stuck_out_tongue:

Heh, you can keep your internets and learn a little of this

I guess keeping Internet away is some kind of self-control. :slight_smile:

And for others in countries where the internet is pervasive and where you can’t help but be connected, you can now buy technology that will shut down your internet for you for a certain amount of time. (known as behavior enforcement technology according to USA Today)

AD has a good point in that some people have to be connected. This could just as well apply to certain spectrum of people for whom the internet is the norm, and anything is disassociative.

Dhia Eldeen i know this is a lot easier said than done. I wish you success in the quest! However, it won’t be a victory until you have internet and manage to control it’s disruptiveness simultaneously.

I will only connect from the University wifi, which has no facebook, youtube, chat, Torrent…
but mail, forums, Vimeo works there :slight_smile:

the problem is the uni studies,… if there’s an internet at home, I get distracted :frowning:
ps: I have ADHD, i can’t control my self very well whenever there’s a distraction :frowning: .

Convince yourself that your work/study is the distraction from the utterly mundane things like fb, yt, .torrent…etc :slight_smile: Tell yourself something often enough, and you will believe it. Fascinatingly enough this works both ways, tell yourself often enough (upon realization) that you seem to become distracted easily, will reinforce the behavior ( google: learned helplessness ). but tell yourself positive things often enough and the brain starts to wire itself up more amicably :slight_smile: If you did deeper there is the mirror neuron effect.

stop. what is wrong with that phrase? :slight_smile: