No keyframes on timeline

Hi. First time poster here. I did ask this question on Blender Stack Exchange, but haven’t had a response, so I thought I’d try my luck here.

I was experimenting with 2.8 yesterday and tried adding keyframes for some lightning I’d made. However, whenever I try to add a keyframe to control the brightness, nothing appears on the timeline. I hover the mouse over the brightness box, press ‘I’ and it turns yellow, but no keyframe appears. Not on the timeline or Dopesheet,

Could this be a bug?

weird because with my 2.8 version (22/05) it works , are you sure you’ve selected the lamp (if you ever activate the Only Include Channels Relating To Selected option you’d need to select the object)… or it’s a bug with the latest version?

No lamp. I’m trying to control the brightness of a material.

are you talking about the Bright/Contrast node? It works as well for me… maybe show a screenshot, or even share your file?

Unfortunately, being a new user, I can’t upload my file. :-\ The screenshot I have shows my scene and, notice how I’ve pressed ‘I’ for the texture’s Brightness, but no keyframes are on the timeline. Also, all the keyframes I added in Blender 2.79 are gone as shown in the Graph Editor.

maybe try in the Shader Editor, you may need to have the node selected

Doing it via the Shader Editor does appear to work if you select a property in a node and press ‘I’, but I should probably report the issue as a bug. I’ve just tried pressing ‘I’ when moving the mouse over a Material property and that adds a keyframe no problem.

yes it may be a bug

Okay, it turns out it isn’t a bug. It’s because I was using Blender Render for that project. That allows you to keyframe textures that are applied to objects. In Cycles and Eevee, you can’t. It has to be done via nodes.

Untrue - you most certainly can keyframe textures. You can keyframe any property on any node.

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That was the impression I got though from my bug report, unless I’ve misunderstood.

Now I can’t seem to add keyframes via the Material tab or Shader/Node Editor. >_<

If you keyframe something and want to see your keyframe in the timelime, your object has to be selected.

If you want to see your keyframe without selecting your object, you can switch the timeline to Dope sheet.

Yep, that’s what I do, but nada.

You can keyframe textures and see their keyframes in the Timeline. Of course you can:

I just mean you can’t keyframe properties via the Texture tab on the right-hand side. That could only be done in Blender Render. Cycles and Eevee require the Material’s tab properties and the Shader/Node Editor to keyframe the different properties. As you can see from my screenshot, pressing ‘i’ to keyframe the Brightness shows nothing on the timeline, even with the object selected.


This is just confusing and frustrating me. One minute it works, others say it does, and then the next, it doesn’t work for me. I’ve no idea what’s wrong. Here’s my node set up, I have the object selected, the material is applied to the object, and yet every time I press ‘i’ on a property, such as the Fax of the Mix Shader, no keyframe appears on the timeline. :frowning:


By default you must have the node selected.


Ahh. Thanks.

I’m here because I Googled lost my keyframes.
I saved and closed then reopen Blender to see them again.