No keyframes - yet animation????

I’m running into something incredibly frustrating. I have some objects that begin moving when I preview my animation. But I have no keyframes in my timeline. Or in the dopesheet. Or anywhere. And for some reason these objects are not orange when I select them, but green. It’s absolutely infuriating. If anyone has any ideas why blender would act in such a messed up way, please let me know! I’m ready to destroy something here.

With default theme green is group its part of a group. Lots of reasons they can move. Ill try to think of some but if you post a blend you will get a correct answer fast.
shape key?
parented to a object that is moving?
well that’s 2 but Im sure it could be many reasons.

Trying to link to blend now… having problems
Okay - it looks like my workplace is not going to let me put anything up. Our IT people are clueless.

How do I remove things from groups. After searching a great deal, it seems I’m supposed to break the parent-child relationship. But that doesn’t work. Still green. Duplicating parts of the object - still green. the green won’t go away no matter what I do.

I love blender in theory, but in practice… some days not so much.

in the objects “object properties” (the orange cube one) it will show you which groups the object belongs to… click the cross next to it to remove them from the group…

2 ideas…
first things first, in object mode select any layers with anything on them… do ALT + H to unhide any hidden objects
in object mode and in the 3d view, press A until every object is selected… in the dopesheet editor… press A again to select ALL keyframes for the whole scene… delete them ALL :smiley: (make sure you have a backup first, just in case this poochscrews the whole thing)

now if you have any armatures in your scene… select armature , enter bone mode do ALT + H to unhide any bones, press A again to select ALL bones in the armature, now in the dopesheet editor, again press A to select all the keys in each armature, delete these keys… do this for all armatures in your scene (if you have any)

if this doesn’t help I’m not sure what your problem will be…

ON SECOND THOUGHTS… is it possible you have rigid body physics applied to any of the objects ??
(I say this because 1… this will automatically create a group and put them in it 2… it will cause objects to move without keyframes, and 3… I had this same problem a week or so ago)
either check the group name, if its “rigid body world” then its a yes… check the objects physics tab and if they do indeed have rigid body physics, turn it off :slight_smile:

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Exile - you rule!
It was exactly as you thought - rigid body was indeed turned on for the objects. I don’t know how that would have happened.
I owe you a donut.

mmmmm donuts

had the same issue.

the solution in my case was to disable Auto Keying: Editor Type > Timeline > click on the auto key button.

hope this helps