No Knife tool in 2.62

I got the “Fake Knife” script for 2.61 and it worked great although it did not have the ability to snap to existing verts like the 2.49 Knife tool - but now even the “Fake Knife” does not work in 2.62.
Is there going to be an update of Fake Knife? Will I have to wait for 2.63 or later for a knife tool again?
This is not a minor issue for me: there are major modelling problems that are very hard to get around without a Knife tool.
Can anyone help?

uhm… there is a complete new knife tool in 2.62 now. Supposed to work with BMesh. Just download the latest build from Graphicall

Thanks Sago, did that and got Version 2.62 build 44548 (Mac) - the knife is there but looks like a basic form currently:

It only cut the facing or front half of the cylinder, but it did a nice straight cut. It also smoothly “snapped” the end of the line onto the existing verts.

yah, that’s one thing it doesn’t do yet, cut straight through back of mesh. I figure that option will get in eventually when more modeling tools are being implemented

In the meantime we have the Boolean modifier. Not ideal for every situation, but would get the job done in this case.

What if you don’t want to cut the cylinder, but just want an edge loop there? :slight_smile:

In the current version i downloaded from the buildbot (rev 44598 ) :

It cuts as expected the whole model :

By any chances, did you forgot to uncheck the “Limit selection to visible” button before cutting ?
Could be why you see only the faces in front of the camera were being cut in your example.

Hey, that’s great.

So it’s just a different approach. It used to cut what’s selected, now it cuts what’s visible. Awesome