No Landscapes?

Just wondering, why do you hardly ever see landscapes on this forum, are people not very into making them, or just don’t care to show them, dosn’t anybody just sit down and model a forest mountain landscape? Then why don’t they show them on here, I don’t know why I ask, I guess I would just like to see more forest and mountain pictures on here.

because a forest mountain landscape is hard to model and render :wink:

But still you would think people would do it a little more.

@inferno you can get the ball rolling, good art inspires people so am sure if you knock out a few landscapes you could get people jazzed up enough to knock out one of there own

I’d really love to see some cool landscapes done in Blender too. There’s going to be a couple in Durian I think -a snowy mountain range for sure.
The problem with landscapes in 3d is that it’s usually easier when doing a project to just create the landscape as a matte painting or something. I tried making a large forest once and it basically crashed my computer because I was rather new to Blender at that time and wasn’t fully aware of the fact that duplicating thousands of high poly tree models to get an aerial shot would be so hard on my processor lol.

Anyways, it’s also very difficult to get the lighting right on landscapes scenes… even in big budget movies they often resort to real-world footage for outdoor background plates… either that or moving matte paintings. But it can definitely be done in 3D and I think Blender has the functionality, though it could definitely use a rigorous test-drive, so it’s something I’d like to see as well.
Maybe a landscape creation contest would get people motivated?

I’ve seen a few, done a few… it;s a scale that many people don’t get I suppose…

here’s some I posted earlier this year:

I’ve done several landscape pics. using procedural displacement, if you look at my gallery at you can find them, I’ve improved my techniques for texturing the landscapes over time.

Link or it didn’t happen!:wink:

I love the npr look there. :slight_smile:

Speaking as an old (I’m 62) artist and Blender noob (Started with Blender on 11/2009), it seems to me that many Blender users fall somewhere between modelers and artists. I see many carefully modeled objects; cars, guns, etc. that are very well done, but they are usually statically posed in complete isolation. That’s not a knock: modeling something accurately and well is a great accomplishment and a real source of satisfaction. At the other end of the spectrum, there are those whose work conveys a theme, or imparts a feeling or emotion. I admire the first type of work and I enjoy the second type.

What’s this have to do with the dearth of landscapes? Having bashed at various things in my time, I feel that to be a landscapist requires a very particular sort of eye. You have to be able to apprehend the shape and form of the landscape, decide which details to use to to portray it, the lighting to impart the feel of the scene and, perhaps most importantly, which parts of a great piece of scenery you’re going to include in your frame and which parts you’re going to leave out. Landscapes are one of the types of work where art, in the form of low-poly pine trees that give the viewer the impression of a pine forest for instance, is better than accurate modeling. It’s also a lot easier on your computer. Making the transition from portraying something exactly to conveying the impression of that something in a way that moves the viewer is damned difficult. I’m still trying.

Very well put callmeishmael. I agree with that very much. I struggle with that myself. I don’t think artistry is something you ever fully learn but that requires constant creativity and practice. It’s a way of thinking. One has to think outside the box as the saying goes.

Hey I’ve seen those before, its actually one of the ones I was thinking about when I posted this.
@callmeishmael thank you for the explanation, and I completely understand what you are saying, but I find it odd that very few people make landscapes, and maybe they do and they just don’t post them for everyone to see, people don’t really think that others would like to see their landscape because often they are making it for something else which they never finish, so they never think to post it.
As for me making landscapes, I am a little new to blender, I know how to make landscapes, but they’re not beautiful, I have been learning a lot more about how to make them resently, and the big problem I had was getting started on one, I always had problems with that, but I finally came up with a methiod that works really well for starting me off, so from there I add details. Maybe I should start a campain for bringing back landscapes. :rolleyes:

There was also that awesome landscape pic. by Malefico that was of very large scale, I’m not sure what search terms I would use to find that thread easily.

Was it this one? I just searched for “Malefico”.

Hey I just got a book with that picture in it, funny how that stuff works.

i did one, long long time ago.

not as fancy as the other stuff, but real atleast.

my guess why there are not more landscapes in this forums, is because they are boring.