No's another chess set :)

So i’m working on a chess set. I haven’t been using blender for that long but i’ve heard this is a major noob project. One question though. Why are the refractions of the other pieces black? and how do i put them on a surface without that surface reflecting back into the pieces (I’m thinking invisible floor, but shadows, so shadows only, but how do i do no reflection in the pieces)


under materials, on the shaders tab, there is a button called “onlysha” for only shadow. that will render the material completely transparent except for where there are shadows.
you might want to also turn on “traShado” to get it to receive transparent shadows.
For the black refractions, turn up the depth on the ray transparency, just a warning by doing so you might greatly lengthen render times.

Totally worked! you’re awesome thanks. I’m trying to come up with something interesting to do, instead of just have a boring chess set. If anyone has any cool ideas lemme know

Looks pretty good. If you’re looking to do something different put arms and legs on them and have them enact an epic battle.

I thought about the whole epic battle thing, but i wanna go another way…still not sure which.
I did get the knight done though and either the king or queen (I think it looks more like the king). The Glass horse doesn’t look fantastic, any tips?


I finished the castle. The face took me a while. All i need is a board and a queen and I’m done


I think you should decrease the spec for the black set, and increase it for the white (or just less transparent, more frosty/glazy).

Perhaps if you made the knight piece have it’s snout aimed more downward, rather than forward.

I think the knight looks too big in proportion to the other pieces.

I’ve got this idea for the queen.

I don’t wanna do a head. I could but I think it would take away from the statue

I think it’d be fun to just have this body as the queen.

The sphere is covering up a weird hole. I’ll fix it later.


That’s an arm coming down on her right (our left)

This chess set could work great if you had something to distinguish it from the other chess sets. I’m thinking a sort of modern-battlefield layout with chess pieces in the place of marines.

So i fixed her up a little. I’m going for a greek statue look and i’m not doing the head. Here’s what she’ll look like as black and white