no layer in render result

what did I do wrong…??
this happened unvoluntary and I have no clue what it is exactly going on…
tnaks for having a look…

Delete clip in video sequencer or disable sequencer in Render / Post Processing panel

thanks sir… “no layer” is gone
but my render is completly black now


Please supply blend file for review

I figured out that only the black was the world rendered…

it s seems difficult to upload… am at 8 MB
eliminated a lot until pure neccessity…
got only the Basic left, few Vertices, no Animation, materials… I guessed maybe 1 MB
but still at 8 … where can those be hidden ???

discovered I have over 3000 tris left somewhere::
there s nothing hidden and in the objects I did a Tris to Quads Operation first… as well as removed doubles…
seems familiar to someone??


The number of triangles is the number when all faces are triangulated. When you render a scene everything gets triangulated by the renderer so the number of triangles is more meaningful than the actual number of faces, you may have 1 face but may end up with 30 triangles when trianulated

1 face, 30 triangles

Perhaps check the link in my signature. It has instructions on how to prepare a .blend. It’s not a comprehensive guide on how to do that but shows how to enable compress, that works well and don’t have to start packing/unpacking stuff manually.

here s my try at paste all
main Problem was : no render possible

Render layers were set not to include layers with stuff in them and options below were enabled to incude zmask

thanks a lot, that helped me out…
respect for your time and Devotion for us newbies…