No Limits - Music Session

Here’s a short animation while making which I’ve studied video-sound synchronization.

Big Size 18MB
Small Size 3.2MB

Whoa! Nice syncing! I’ve personally done syncing

I missed some and clipped some in the video I made. Your’s, on the other hand, is pretty smooth. Nice work. How’d you get the cool lookin’ wireframe? Did you put everything as wireframe and then render black background?

My God. 2 Unlimited? :]
Next stop: Lip synching.

that was really cool, im jealous…this is why I started animation. making random music videos are the funnest thing ever to me.

can you add music and animate it, and test the animation with music easily?

what the??

I, Greg_pl, was stupid enough to not recognise the style of Ecks and Alltaken in their challenge.

please explain [Aussie joke]

erm what?

Nothing clever, just a simple Wire button and black World color.

Nobody said it was easy :wink: But we have a great tool - Sequencer, and of course I spend a lot of time counting and fitting the frames :wink:

Yes :smiley: