No longer able to scaling and rotate along the axes

Im working on a 3d model of a heliopter for a simple game. I have set up the 3 reference images that I need, and is in the process of modelling. However, somehow, I have messed up the file so that whenever I try to move or scale anything locked to a particular axis, the item being scaled is scewed. Roation, movement, scaling, everything is affected. I think I need to reset something. Only way to fix this now is to scrap the file and start over. Having a hard time googeling this, as I dont know how to properly express the problem. See the screenshot. When I lock the movement to an axis (lets say x), the orange line appears, but its not following any of the axes.

  1. In Object mode, apply rotation
  2. Make sure your transform orientation is set to ‘Global’ or ‘Local’.
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Thank you, this clear things up a bit. It was set to normal. Must have hit a hotkey or clicked on it by mistake :slight_smile:
Im watching a video on transform orientation now to learn more. Perfect :slight_smile: