"no longer necessary" Paid - level design for a game

NO LONGER NECESSARY! Thank you for all!

Hello Friends!

It’s about level design for a game that will come out for the PC and possibly consoles.

We would be happy if someone could design our levels with us together. We have references and ideas and need a skilled hand to get best results.

It’s only about 3-5 levels maximum. If at all. We are willing to pay per level and provide you with the assets.

You shouldn’t do any major modeling tasks, just the most necessary ones. It doesn’t have to be detailed to the end, it has to be the basic structure with the assets. We’ll finish the rest ourselves, so you won’t have to. The feeling is the important thing, which we will argue together while the process.

We work with the Unreal Engine and are in development with our game which I only can show in emails…

Pricing: Of course we will show you the sketches beforehand so that you can better estimate it. Roughly it would be interesting to know if you would be willing to help us.

Contact Procedure:

  1. you write me a private message in this forum, if a serious interest exists
  2. we exchange private emails and I can show the game and the concept
  3. further contact success, as agreed

Yours sincerely

Vjaceslav T.

Hello There,

I can surely assist you for your requirement. kindly check PM


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Thank you Lisa,

Email to you is out!

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I’ve send a PM,
Thanks for the opportunity!

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