No longer rendering, and animation player doesn't update in timelime


Relatively new to Blender - so I’m sure I did something odd.
Been able to F12 to make renders of a frame, and also was able to play animations and watch the green vertical line move along the timeline. Now neither works and I’m not sure what I did or how to correct it.

Default scene works fine for rendering.

The last thing I did prior to this problem is I hit the animation button in the render panel and notice it quickly went through all 100 frames - the output was set to jpeg and each one is a black image.
And when I hit F12, the render is instant, and nothing is rendered.

any recommendations?



FluidTesting.blend (844 KB)

In the Render / Dimensions panel, Set the Time Remapping old and new settings both back to the default 100
You have loaded a video into the Video Editor window, this over-rides any rendering on the 3d view. remove it or in the Render / posts Processing panel deselect the ‘Sequencer’ tickbox

Thank you very much for the quick reply. That fixed it!!

Have a good one!