no longer working on linux mint 16.

hello all.
I hope this is the right place for this sort of post, if it isn’t…
anyway, I booted up a few days ago in linux mint and downloaded blender 2.69 from
I extracted it nad it ran perfectly.
until yesterday I went to save a file I had just entered a save path and hit the save button,
then I my screen flashed balck with some small text and then logged me out before I could read it.
once I logged back in, belder won’t launch.
I don’t notice any changes in the running proccesses when I try and launch it.
Hope there is an obvious solution I am missing.

There is: Don’t use beta software in a production environment - especially not a beta of the operating system…

For all I know Linux Mint 16 does only exist as a RC until now, so technical issues are to be expected. From your description it sounds like the graphics driver crashed and maybe is not loaded correctly any more on reboot. Give us more details about your system: What graphics card do you use (ATI / nVidia / Intel)? Which driver (open source / proprietary)?

Nividia proprietary drivers.
version 319.32 (recommended)
[TABLE=“align: left”]

                     Pny GTX 650 1024MB PCIe 


I can’t beilieve I missed that it was an RC…
well, I suppose I did ask for an obvouis solution.
I am going to boot all the way down and come back and edit this post if things change.

Okay I ran a general system upadte and rebooted,
and blender has come up just fine.
as for running an RC, all I can say in my own defense
is that it only said it twice at the top of the page, I had been having the ubuntu system upadate from Niflehiem,
and I oin that brain benumbed state deicde to leave ubuntu once and for all.
I suppose I did ask for an obvouis solution…:slight_smile:

Fine that everything is back on track now.
As far as playing with RCs is concerned: Hey, I don’t judge - I like testing them out, too. It’s just having to be prepared that strange things may happen…:wink:

Yeah, but discovering you are in an RC when you are trying for stable smooth sailing is a bit…
its a shock.