No manual selection when there's too many objects in the scene?


I’m working with excessive amount (50k+) of individual models that need to retain their own values such as position, rotation etc.

My problem is that I’m unable to select them individually, they simply don’t react with so many objects in the scene. Either selecting them all (A) or via searching a name pattern. I’m not a beginner anymore, but I’m unsure if I can overcome this somehow or it’s a bug or what’s going on…

Are they all in the same collection? If not, did you try to hide some of them from the viewport to see if it works with fewer objects visible?

blender has hard time selecting objects among hundred thousands ones…
I guess it will always be like this till devs leave python for a real language :stuck_out_tongue:

The workaround is to use the circle selector ( C-KEY ) and select what you need. This one works fine. the box selector don’t work either on large selection among even larger objects and sometimes crashes the app. the use it wisely and think about saving every time before you use it in those cases :wink:

Happy blending !

3 main collections containing dozens of sub collections. Each sub collection contains several hundreds of objects.

Look who is again talking about Python. I swear I have missed your love for Python lately. :joy::joy::joy::joy:

You have done a pretty good job with the Ivy generator, though. :wink:

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Thank you, this circle selector seems to be working precisely!

Standard Box selection was also selecting objects outside of the selection. Lasso selection seems to be working ok. Standard circle selection seems to be also working. The only problem that left is inability to pick a single object precisely and to make it active. But I can work around it, unless someone has an alternative to this.

When I have so complex scenes I always disable the unnecessary collections to work with the necessary ones. That maybe could help you.


I tried that, but the selection was still buggy. Can’t select one specific object. It keeps selecting objects completely randomly.

It really has to be due to very complex scene load, even if mostly hidden.

That happened to me the other day, it is frustrating to say at least. Afterwards, I decided to move some collections to a new scene, but I don’t know why, I blender became to crash like there is no tomorrow.

At the end I selected objects by materials and paste them into a new blender instance and merged the ones I know there are not going to be edited anymore and paste them back into my working file.

when i was doing my cobbled path i had big trouble with selecting cobbles ( they were almost 100K, coming from particle instance )

what i did is using the circle select by zooming close to the obj i needed to select and shrink the circle for selection.
The box select did random select and also outside the box ( wich is quite weird as a box selector is 10ish lines of damn simple code :rofl: ) the lasso select was too inaccurate for me with the mouse.

Other method for using the box selector, is to circle-select what you don’t want and hit H-KEY to hide those objects… do this until you have 8 or 10K objects left in scene. with fewer objects, the box-select works fine again :slight_smile:

I hope you manage to get rid of those bugs ! It takes time but you can do it.

With a bit of thoughts i believe that doing those cobbles with geonodes would have been a better idea but i didn’t know the process enough then i made the path with particles.
I don’t know what you scene is but maybe another approach for handling all you objects could be considered ?

Happy blending ! :smiley:

One thing you can try is changing the draw mode to bounding box for some of your objects.

You should still be able to make selection in outliner.
Outliner also allows to disable ability to select some collections.

If with just a small amount of object selectable, you may have a problem with GPU.
Try to see if disabling GPU Depth Picking preference, in Viewport > Selection panel of Preference Window, helps.
Try to update driver of your graphic card.

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Ok, I have another idea. First, you install this addon, if you still don’t have it installed, it comes with vanilla Blender:

Then you create a new folder for your project. In that folder, you create a new blender file for each collection you have on the scene. At least those with thousands of objects. After doing that, create a new empty file and link every collection from every file you created before. You will end up with a file that doesn’t contain anymore so many objects.
If you need to select and edit a specific object, just select the linked collection it’s from and go to edit linked library and that will make you jump to the file where that collection is linked from:

Remember to keep autosave selected to make everything easier. After you did all the changes just click on “return to original file” and that’s it:

Your changes will be saved in several files and mounted as linked collections in a file that doesn’t contain any object, just linked collections. You use that file to manage the scene and render it.

If this doesn’t solve your problem, I’m afraid nothing will. :joy::joy::joy:

Also, you can use multiple scenes and enable one as a “background” in the scene buttons.