No material or fur on dog after adding grass

I was attempting to add grass to my scene by following a tutorial here: But when I view the scene in render mode or when I render the scene, the dog is missing his material and fur. Although my grass does not look good at all, I want to fix this before I attempt to thicken the grass, etc.

Can someone tell me what I did wrong and how to get the material and fur back on the dog?


After I uploaded the blend file to and downloaded it to see if the textures were packed with the file, all my textures are gone in render mode. I don’t think I did anything to the file. The blend file in the link below is of all the material gone in render mode.

Blend file:

Cycles shader graph connect: can only connect closure to closure (image_texture.Color to output.Surface).

Butterfly wing has wrong nodetree.
This is what i get when i open your file. Textures are present and intact, fur and grass particles render

Can you explain what you mean? I have no idea what you’re talking about. Please consider me a newbie.

Are you on windows? “Windows” menu on top of the Blender interface should have Terminal (i cant recall name, i’m on Linux) clickable then - you’ll get black terminal window. Now when you open your file Blender will show error message there you see in previous post.
Error is caused by cycles material nodes for butterfly wings - you missed DiffuseBSDF shader node between Image Texture and Output.

All the textures are well packed into the blend file - it renders fine here.
What are your PC specs? Maybe you’re running out of resources due to particle systems and what you experience is caused by that.

Thanks for responding. I opened a previously saved blend file of the scene and saved it as a new blend file (puppy29) and then appended the ground from the blend file I was’t getting any shading (puppy27). It works now.

I dragged my mouse down on the Info panel in Blender. I get a black window with a lot of code. I thought you might be referring to this. But I didn’t see anything about an error in the butterfly nodetree. But you said this error message appears in Windows. So I think you mean not in the Blender program. But I have no idea how to find this in Windows.

I’m just glad I have grass. Now I have to go back to the tutorial to figure out how to make it look better.

Even though my butterfly had its color back without the DiffuseBSDF shader node, I added it anyway.