No materials listed in materials panel.

Must be village idiot. Cannot find a way to access any materials, bundled or addons. No way to add or locate materials or any texture in any panel. Tried 2.77, 2.77a, 2.78. Please help. Am at complete loss. Online Material addons show “location not found.”

Are you expecting to see materials ?
In which case which ones.
How did you create the materials
What type of materials
Did you create the materials for a different renderer

What Richard asked. Also are you wanting to use the old blender renderer? If so, that’s fine but I suggest switching to Cycles renderer at the top of the screen :slight_smile:


There is no texture in Blender You can select by default…You give Your object a material…Then you give that material a texture.

But there are a addon there make texture for You and You can see the texture to select…:slight_smile:

It’s a very nice addon and easy to use…Link here…

Btw…What addon is it there don’t work for You…?