No menu item on the Scripts menu

I have collected several scripts since blender 2.33 added the scripts menu. The problem is that a few months ago. I download a script that had the:

“”" Registration info for Blender menus:
Name: ‘Python GUI Creator’
Blender: 232
Group: ‘Misc’
ToolTip: ‘Create a GUI for your own Python script’
I put it in the scripts directory under the main blender direct just as it is supposed to be. I went to the scripts menu in blender and click on the menu item “Update Menu” But the script did not appear. The strange thing is that if I load it into a text window and run it with ALT-P it runs just as its suppose to do.

Since then I have download sever other scripts and the same thing happens. They do not show up on the scripts menu in the scripts window but they run just fine from a text window with Alt_P.

Here is my systems setup

Blender2.34 2.35 now
Windows 98SE on one computer and WindowsME on the other.
python 2.34 on both machines
64mb ram on the ME machine 128mb ram on the 98 Machine.

This is not a major problem since I can run scripts from the text window I just so not like it when things do not work as they are supppose to.

I have checked each of the scripts I have downlowed and they all have the proper headers to be able to show up in the scripts menu.

One thing I have found is that the have to be named properly.

The extension has to be .py (not .PY or .Py) with no spaces in the name.