No Microsoft Word??

Okay I need to type up a one full page essay about my self for English By TOMORROW…No big deal…
I went to find WORD. And its not on my pc??? Iv searched for it using the search thing on my computer…Iv looked through Accessorizes…I have Windows Vista I don’t know if anyone else has this problem…

Iv tired to find a download for it but had no luck with that…
Is there any other program i could type it up in? I have Note Pad…But that doesn’t have spell check and I SUCK BUTT at spelling.



try . its similar, and open source. Word you have to buy, if it didnt come with your comp.

DEEWWDD!! THANK YOU SO MUCH! You just saved my 50points on my essay! Ha Ha

Windows also comes with WordPad, but OpenOffice is much better.

Yeah, you gotta get office if you want Word…

Thank goodness there are brilliant open source alternatives :slight_smile:

I use openoffice myself since I can’t afford to put money in microsoft people pocket. It’s the best!

not only is OOo better than word, but it has a cooler acronym, too.

Thank you all! Well now i just need a printer =P O well i will print it off at school

open office rocks!!!

If you just need a word processor, abiwordis a really good choice. It has a much smaller footprint and loads a lot faster. It has lots of features as well. Of course, open source and free.


If you’re going to print it off at school and you use Word at school, don’t forget to save your file in Word format, not in the default ODT format. If you don’t, you may not be able to open it tomorrow!

File>Save as…

then from the File type dropdown list, select Microsoft Word 97/2000/XP (.doc)

Or (if you know you won’t need to further edit it on the school computer) after you save a copy on your system in the native *.odf file format, do a File > Export as PDF so that you’ll retain your visual formatting (and fonts) as they are on your document. Doing an OOo to Word transition can sometimes cause formatting shifts (as can moving from one version of Word to another). A PDF will be visually the same. If you aren’t doing anything where the visual formatting is important, then don’t bother with PDF as you’d be better off doing the save in doc format thing above as you’ll be able to edit it on their computers.

Long term, try to convince your school to install OOo on their computers. After all, it won’t cost them a dime. And, it allows students who can’t afford MS Office at home to have more access to the school computers, since they’ll be able to use the same software at home and at school.
This should sound like a good thing to the administration.

If you are going to write longer essays (tens of pages), it may be worth your while to take a look at LaTeX based solutions. LaTeX is commonly used in academia. LyX offers an easy way to the word of LaTex. You can find it at . It seems promising although I haven’t tried it yet. For now I have been using Kile ( Apparently it doesn’t run on Windows yet though. Lyx should work.

And not to forget ODT is a open ISO standard unlike the partially proprietary word format.

Abiword is an awesome alternative to word.

What comp. did you buy to not have Word? My new comp. came with the entire Msoft Office Suite.

Ummmm… MOST of them don’t !?! :no::rolleyes: Only Works comes free (unless you plop down the xtra $300… like someone said: padding M$'s pockets for no good reason) 'sbest not to even get the OS from M$!

It was probably just a 30 day trial version. I’ve never seen a computer that came with MSOffice complete suite that wasn’t a trial version, meaning you have to pay to continue to use it.

Ditto, roofoo.

I’ve seen TRIALS of office come with a PC. I’ve seen Works come with them for “free”, but not Office.