No module names 'certifi'

Attempting to install the LuxCore renderer. In Preferences, Add-ons, clicked Install, and LuxCore shows in the list of add-ons. Cool. Click the checkbox to activate it - I get only this popup error notice, saying Python can’t find a module named “certifi”.

In the command line world outside of Blender, for Python I can use ‘pip install certifi’ and that works, but that’s the general purpose system-wide install of Python. Blender has its own private Python, and I’m not sure how to run ‘pip’ for that.

How do I install certifi for Blender’s Python?

Blender comes bundled with certifi:

So maybe something is wrong with your Blender installation. Try to install the official Blender download from (instead of for example the Blender package from a Linux package manager).