No more Atioglxx.dll needed for Blender with vista!!!

This is the best! I dont know if this was an official fix with blender or vista but I no longer need atioglxx.dll in my blender folder for it to run smoothly :).
Recap: Some ATI graphics cards (mine is an ATI Readon xpress 200) would slow down to a halt when working with the blender GUI.
I encourage others who had this problem to test and confirm:cool:

I had suspected that perhaps Vista’s own driver might fix things. It’s not all the hardware’s fault it is doing this. Drivers in Linux seem to work ok.

I’m going to do some tests now. If this true then this would be very cool.

Test complete. I conclude that something in Vista has fixed the problem. Could you be a really cool person and dig in your System32 folder for your atioglxx.dll file. I want it. (be sure to copy it and not move it!)

ive noticed that with the ati driver in my blender folder it seams to be slower now and this was right after i downloaded the latest drivers and im on xp but the problem is when i remove the atioglxx from my folder the arrows and such in the menus go to black spaces again indicating that ati is doing better but they havn’t completely fixed it all the way

EDIT: there is a possibility that this is because im using blender 2.44 instead of 2.45 because im too lazy to move all of my folders from the 2.44 folder but i will test and see if 2.45 is better

I retrieved the atioglxx.dll file from the newest 200m Vista driver. Under Windows XP, it does seem faster than the previous “fastest atioglxx file ever”.

PM me if you want a copy of this file.

hmm well in 2.45 im still getting the problem with black arrows in the menus so this is telling me that the atioglxx isn’t totally fixed yet but that it is getting closer

I’m just getting problems when i want to select any slightly complicated mesh it freezes up for a few seconds. I have also heard of lots of people who still have issues with vista so its not like vista has fixed the problems just for some people it works.