NO MORE CRASHES! ChrisP's Animation Nodes Crash-Ex (forte) for Blender 2.8x

OK, I know this is a silly video - but it HAD to be done to start off the new year with a bit of fun! After I played with the script for the Bullet Time Effect tutorial I also realized that using a very similar - yet still super simple - script works wonders for rendering Animation Nodes (AN). And it also turns out that other people have been doing something similar before I stumbled upon this. Anyways, since so many people like my AN tutorials, this is a great solution to render animations without crashing. Let me know if this works for you! If you want a bit more detailed explanation of what is going on in the Python script and where to find info to get you started, check out the Bullet Time video here:


try this addon, one button and will render your animation (even heavy) without any problem.

I used the code in your video and I changed it a little bit.