no more export to unity 4.3

Hey guys !!!

The latest versions of blender cannot export to unity 4.3.
Most of you will tell me to update unity, as it seems to come from a problem in unity fbx loader…
OK. anyone willing to gimme 1500$ for the upgrade please ? :stuck_out_tongue:

I use to say better is worse than good. Nevertheless, some of you found in blender some bugs or enhancements to solve/implement in the fbx export. Didn’t anyone even think about leaving the old crappy fbx exporter and for example allow the user to tick a box marcked << export with the old crappy fbx >> ?

it would have been amazing.

Now what solution do i have facing this ( according to the fact i don’t have the mean to afford a new unity nor all the usual scripts changes when you upgrade it ) ? well am just stuck on the 2.70a

Mebe a good productivity-aware developper reinstalled the old fbx exporter in a separate version ?
If there’s one, please could someone tell me wich one ?
Or mebe there’s a workaround ? a script in unity ? someting that wouldn’t leave ppl aside the road ?
Please be smart :slight_smile:


It’s my understanding that only Major upgrades need to be paid for not minor upgrades.

I.e. 4.x to 4.x no additional charge

4.x to 5.x requires a new license as that would be a major upgrade.