No More Saints {FPS} ( Almost Perfect Games)

No More Saints

By : Almost Perfect Games


Hellayeah47 [Head Designer]
ReaperXZeos [Concept Artist]
Blending User [Textures , Weapon Modeling]

Weapon Artist
Human Modelers
Prop Modeler
Stage Designer

You are from the future with are team of 3 and go back in time to fix what went
wrong in the world. But You were the actual cause of everything wrong that

Hey hellayeah,
glad to see you on the forums!

Suggestion to your post, we would like to see screens of the game, your logo is cool though…

Um can you tell us your current progess, if you have any, people won’t help you out dude :confused:

Good Luck!

I second that. Work in Progress needs progress. Eg: concept sketches, screenshots, blend files, storyboards, that sort of thing. But I digress; the logo looks awesome.
Let’s see some more work - show me what you got!

wait a minute r u the same hellayeah47 on youtube?:confused:if you r thanks so much your tutorials helped me start the blender game engine:D,specially your car game tutorial(it became my first game).also the low poly modelling tutorial helped me alot.if your not the same hellayeah im talking about then sorry for weirding you out by saying that:o.anyway your project seems quite good i might join later:cool:.

ha ha Hellayeah47 is the same from youtube dude! ha ha

Anyways, I like the skull thing in the logo, everything else needs a bit of work. :wink:

Alamkira: There are a bunch of people on the forums who have cool tutorials; blendenzo, OTO, myself, ect.


Many many people have great tutorials :slight_smile:

Hellayeah47, You should give more depth into your storyline, or what you have so far, as I said before, I know you can this done, because I’ve talked to you on Skype :cool:, but some people here need to see current progress and so do I :wink:

Lol. Thanks! :slight_smile: im always happy to hear i helped someone!:stuck_out_tongue:

I can Help. I’m good at weapons and humans. I can Also do Rain, water, oceans, and more. I make pretty good trees also. I have attatched some pictures below. The guns take me about a day. The people about 2 days. I have more guns, I just didn’t want to post too many.